We provide assistive devices from Sweden to developing countries. We also educate patients, physiotherapists and healthcare professionals in how to use assistive devices and how to pass the knowledge. The team teach Movement Techniques, Body Awareness and Physical Activity.

Resources without Borders is a religious and politically unobtrusive, non-profit, ideal association. Help for self-help is our keyword.

Kristina Kindblom

Kristina Kindblom


Professor in physiotherapy
Therapeutic competence in Body Awareness.
Teacher in research. Teaching at Karolinska Institutet and Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences.
Special skills in pedagogics.

Helene Lidström

Helene Lidström

Vice Chairman

Professor of occupational therapy
Research about the benefits of utilities for people with disabilities at Karolinska Institutet. Researcher and teacher at Lindköpings Universitet.

Ulla Wiberg


Physiotherapist since 1993. Ulla is an instructor of transitions at Karolinska Institutet when needed. Works at a retirement home in northern Gotland.
One of Ullas visions are to contribute with a part of her self to other people in need for help and support.