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New donation from Handicare

Handicare have once again generously contributed to our work. This time with economic donation. HUG are grateful for this! Our chairman has also got funding to visit Loni in India where she has been tve latest weeks to inform medical workers and pupils at Pravara hospital in transition technique. The film below shows two pupils […]

Sliding boards donated from Handicare delivered to India by HuG

We are proud to announce that another shipping of resources has reached India. This time 14 sliding boards donated by Handicare have been delivered to Paraplegic Foundation in an Indian hospital on the countryside in Maharashtra by HUG. Sliding boards can make transisions from bed to chair easier for paraplegic patients and people with other difficulties related to transisions. […]

Sliding boards and shower chairs on its way to India

Handicare have given a valuble donation of 60 roller slides and 60 shower chairs. We are working to make the utilities reach its users. The utilities will be of great help for a lot of people in daily life. Learn more about roller slides here. Sliding boards and shower chairs

HUG in India

Kristina Kindblom from HUG has just come home from Pravara Institute of Medical Scienses where she has informed students, patients, physiotherapists and nurses about transisions. She has also been giving lectures in Basic body Awareness.