History and vision

Since 2009, physiotherapist Kristina Kindblom and physician Carina Ursing have worked with PIMS in India. Before that there were almost no assistive technology available at the hospital or in the training in the hospital in Loni. Kristina and Carina saw a big need and initiated a small scale distribution of devises. From 2010 they have filled their suitcases with devises and traveled in wheelchairs donated by companies and organisations. So have their visitors.

They soon realized that this was not a sustainable way to distribute assistive devises and the idea to start a more organized distribution grew. ”Resources without Borders” started in the autumn of 2013 and we are now building our activities.

Those who are educated also learn pedagogy in order to be able to advance the knowledge.

Those who are educated also learn pedagogics in order to be able to advance the knowledge.


Our mission is to distribute assistive technology for training and educational purposes to different hospitals in need for assistive devices and education in how to use them. Those who are trained will acquire the necessary skills to transfer the knowledge and skills in their turn. Above all, the devises will be used as ”help to self-help” and make people with injuries and disabilities more independent.

We hope to inspire new local production of assistive devices in India in a partner collaboration between Sweden and India and our aim is to spread our mission to more hospitals in India and other countries.